1. Are you for real?

    Yes, we are. We are a registered company under the Local Government Division, Bangladesh. Our registration number is 153420.

  2. Will I get a receipt for the payment I made?

    Our system will automatically send you a invoice to your email on the same day once your moving is completed. Do contact us if you have not received the invoice and we will resend it to you. Should you have any request regarding the invoice e.g. bill under company name, let us know and we will gladly help you with your request.

  3. If I have any problem on moving day, who should I contact?

    You can contact our hotline number, +8801886727787 and our on-duty Customer Service Executive will assist you with any problems you may encounter. Should you are unable to contact our hotline number, you can reach us through our webchat on our website OR email us at Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  4. Who are the drivers? Can they be trusted?

    We at Rapid Movers understand that the customer’s trust and confidence in us is very important. As such, all drivers are required to be registered under the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority and we keep record of all their relevant documents such as company registration certification, vehicle grant, and driver’s license. They will also need to go through our registration and briefing process before being able to become our partner. Only legitimate and verified transport companies are allowed to register with us.

  1. How do I make a booking?

    You can make a booking the same way you would check our pricing. The only difference is that you need to proceed to the page where you choose the preferred payment method. Follow these steps to start booking with us:

  1. Does the driver help with the moving?

    It depends. If you have not chosen manpower service, the driver will only drive and will not help with carrying your items from the premise (house, office, shop, etc.) to the truck. He WILL help with sorting and arranging your items onto the vehicle however.

  2. What will the movers do if I select manpower service?

    The manpower, depending on the number of people you choose, will be the driver and possibly an assistant that he brings along. They will help you to carry your items from the premise (house, office, shop, etc.), load, secure your items into the vehicle, and unload at drop off.

  1. What kind of special requests can you provide?

    You can inquire straight from our Customer Service about unique demands that you may need and whether or not we can fulfill them. Please note that EARLY must be notified of special requests and we will not be able to fulfill any special request if it is made on the day of movement or less than 2 days in advance.

  2. Do you have insurance or liability coverage?

    We do not provide insurance cover for your products personally. If you want your items to be insured, however, you can apply by ticking the insurance check box in the Additional Service section during the booking process. We'll assist you to communicate with an insurance supplier and you'll have to pay a coverage premium. If you need more details about insurance coverage, please contact us.

  3. Do you have any discount code?

    On our official Facebook page, we regularly announce fresh promotions and discount codes. Check our Facebook page, for new discount codes and don't forget to press the Like button and follow us!